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  1. NBK

    Question for those with Thermoworks Signal

    I have had a Signals for a while and it is reliable. The battery seems to last a long time and I haven't seen any degradation yet. I have however had two of the probes go bad. This may have been induced by my cleaning practices so probably no blame should be directed toward Thermoworks. Solid...
  2. NBK

    Cold Weather Smoke - Results

    Tis' the season to smoke cheese and fish!
  3. NBK

    Roast 'Beast'

    I purchased the: KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial 320W 10-Inch Teflon Blade It has been a great product so far.
  4. NBK

    Yabba Dabba Doo

    Nice looking ribs. Well done.
  5. NBK

    Smoked New York Roast

    I think New York strip is better than the roast. More flavor. I will say though, the roasts always finish very tender.
  6. NBK

    Smoked New York Roast

    Did the °225 smoke until the roast reached 115°. Took it out and seared it in the Genesis then pulled off @125° and rested for 45 minutes. It paired well with cast iron garlic red potatoes. Didn't suck.
  7. NBK

    New Thermoworks sale started today

    I have the Signals unit. It works excellent.
  8. NBK

    Over cooked steaks

    Get a Thermapen.
  9. NBK


    Very nice.
  10. NBK

    Merry Christmas to All

    Grateful to God for on this day He gave the world His son Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace! Merry Christmas to all, wishing you and yours the very best!!
  11. NBK


    If you cook it any more done than rare/medium rare it will be tough, dry and taste like liver. Game meat can be a tricky one unless you do a pot roast type dish. You could also pound it and do a chicken fried steak. We cook game at least twice a week. It's what's for dinner!
  12. NBK

    Smoked Elk Shepherd's Pie

    Missed this. It is from a cow. We shoot one every year. When a bull tag is drawn, we do both.
  13. NBK

    Easy and Amazing Smoked CPP

  14. NBK

    Easy and Amazing Smoked CPP

    Whisk an egg and brush onto the pie dough.
  15. NBK

    Easy and Amazing Smoked CPP

    I am sure you have all done this. Chicken pot pie from Costco. Into the Bull with it on the "smoke" setting for an hour. Then egg wash the top, plug in a temp probe and set the temp to 375° until 150° internal temp is realized. Now increase temp to 400° and pull off when 170° internal temp is...
  16. NBK

    Smoked barbacoa venison shoulder

    Nicely done!
  17. NBK

    your last steak

    Bobby moved on along time ago. Heavily salted and peppered Prime New York steak seared to a 130° over a 700° charcoal fire.
  18. NBK

    Smoked Elk Shepherd's Pie

    It didn't suck. Smoked it in layers. Ingredients: Ground elk Chopped onions Chopped garlic Beef bouillon paste Worcestershire sauce Boars Night Out "White Lightning " Cracked pepper Creamed corn Corn niblets Homemade smashed potatoes Egg wash
  19. NBK

    Walmart ground beef

    I don't do business with WalMart.
  20. NBK

    Cast Iron searing?

    I use grill grates and cast iron. Just depends on what I am cooking etc.. Always like to have a toolchest of different tools for the job. I reverse seared some chops on cast iron the other night and they were amazing.