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  1. KRedman

    Lumber Jack pellets are $4.99 at Rural King

    Can’t beat this deal.
  2. KRedman

    Adding a Camp Chef Sidekick to a 590 - walkthrough with detailed pictures

    Decided to buy a sidekick to attach to my Stampede. I’ll use this to show how to do it step by step and how everything works. Definitely looking forward to having this to compliment the smoker- searing steaks, grilling quick burgers, dogs, and brats, and for the griddle. Should be very cool...
  3. KRedman


    Forgot about a pizza last night, and when I went to remove the pizza oven to clean it today, crash.
  4. KRedman

    Repairing rust on powder coating

    I noticed a spot where the powder coating has chipped away near a screw. Is the best way to fix this to simply sand down the rust on both sides and repaint? Thanks!
  5. KRedman

    GMG pizza oven is awesome

    I found the GMG pizza oven for $80 on eBay and used it for the first time last weekend. It fits perfect, gets super hot and cooks pizzas in a matter of minutes. Highly recommended if you’re into that! part number: GMG-4023
  6. KRedman

    Does anyone else’s 590 look as clean as mine?

    I have a bad habit of only cooking and not cleaning.