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    First time doing Buckboard bacon!

    I made some a while back and not impressed. Not even close to bacon.
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    Brisket (work in progress)

    Looking good
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    Chicken quarters

    Not a fan of leg 1/4`s......... But yours look good. Awesome job.
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    Burnt ends virgin

    Way better than any ribs I have ever eaten. Love pork belly.
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    Just Another Brisket

    This was my largest brisket to ever smoke. It was 21 lbs. before trimming and about 15.5 lbs. after. It was also my first ever brisket to wrap with "pink butcher paper" instead of foil. It was choice instead of prime because that`s what I had in the freezer. Seasoned with kosher salt, coarse...
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    Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    First attempt at pork belly burnt ends. Turned out very tender. This was 1/2 of a whole pork belly.
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    Proper Brisket Slicing

    That is exactly why I separate the point and flat prior to slicing. I have gotten to where I freeze the point and make burnt ends another day. Its it just me and my wife so I slice the flat and package it for several more meals. I vacuum seal enough for the 2 of us and drop it in 180 degree...
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    Canadian Bacon

    No surprises. I do wish I would have added some fresh jalapeno halves for some heat though. My wife would not have eaten it if it were to hot, so I did not.
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    Canadian Bacon

    I used an 8" Victorinox chef knife. It also helped that I was a butcher for 25 years. I still have skills. LOL It also helps to let it sit in the fridge over night before slicing.
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    Canadian Bacon

    This was my first attempt with Canadian bacon. Kroger had boneless pork loins on sale for .99 cents lb. so I pulled the trigger. I used the recipe from the website. I brined the pork for 8 days. I rinsed off and soaked in fresh water before smoking for 3.5 hours till an internal...
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    Proper Brisket Slicing

    If you are slicing your brisket the direction of the Yellow lines , you are correct. If you are slicing the direction of the Black lines you are not doing it correctly. I like to remove most of the fat between the point and flat prior to cooking and then separate the two muscles before slicing...
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    More Pastrami

    I got this from website. You need to rinse very good after removing from brine. Some people even soak in fresh water for a couple of hours to remove some of the salt. I recommend this your first time to ensure it is not to salty. The website has lots of good info if you are...
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    More Pastrami

    I have made pastrami several times since getting my 590 and this is the prettiest pink colored pastrami so far. It is a tad salty , but after I use it to make a sandwich it should balance out the flavor since I will not be adding any more salt.
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    Interesting pit temp discovery.

    I actually thought about wiring a probe to my vertical RT temperature probe and comparing the 2. I understand and except that you are going to have temp swings in any grill, but when I set mine at 225 degrees, the RT gage reads 225 and never fluctuates even though the temperature inside the...
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    Temperature accuracy

    I did a little test after reading a few post about temperature accuracy on the controls vs. the real temperature on the grill grates. I took a calibrated remote temperature sensor and placed in the middle of my RT 590. I set it on extreme smoke /180 degrees and let it run for 1.5 hours. At first...
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    Tough Brisket

    Here is a prime brisket I trimmed and cooked a while back. I like to remove almost all of the fat off of the top of the point and leave a small amount of fat on the flat between the 2 muscles. I will leave no more than a 1/4 inch on the bottom of the brisket either. Leaving all of the fat...
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    More Pastrami

    Smoked a little pastrami on the REC TEC yesterday. Cooked 2 nice flats that weighted about 10.5 pounds. Came out with 7.2 pounds of sliced pastrami. I put in the fridge over night and sliced it today.
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    Corn beef brisket

    I have cooked corned beef and smoked pastrami several times. I brine them for about 7 days. They have always turned out very tender. You need to be sure and cut across the grain so it is tender.
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    Prime Time Brisket

    I still have RecTeq, B&B and Bear Mountain pellets. Will probably go with B&B when I buy some more. I like the RecTeq, but to expensive to have the shipped to Texas. B&B are good and much cheaper.