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  1. Lineforeman

    Baby Backs for granddaughters birthday tonight

    Got three racks on the 590 going to wrap them in a bit then supper for two of my grandaughters birthdays tonight. I used the hey grill hey perfect rib rub and have spritzed a couple times with apple juice, I will spritz again put a couple patties of butter on them and wrap them back on the 590.
  2. Lineforeman

    Pulled pork for supper

    10# Duroc pork butt has been on for 2 hours. Rubbed with SPG and have Lumberjack Supreme blend pellets. The grand kids school sports started last night so we need something to heat up for quick meals before or after games.
  3. Lineforeman

    First Brisket flat

    Just put my first brisket flat on. Small prime flat with SPG using Lumberjack pecan pellets and a smoke tube for extra smoke. Trying a small one befor I go for a full packer.
  4. Lineforeman

    Father’s Day cook

    The baby backs are an hour and a half into the cook. The kids will be here for lunch.
  5. Lineforeman

    First rack of baby backs on the stampede

    I just pulle my first rack of baby backs off the stampede to wrap, looking pretty good. I have done them before on a GMG that I had for a short time before I returned it but this was much easier held temp perfectly.
  6. Lineforeman

    First pork butt on the 590

    Put my first pork butt on the 590 this morning. I have done some small cooks, chicken breasts, pork chops and such but this is my first long cook. I also filled the hopper with Lumber Jack apple blend pellets for the first time and so far I think I am getting more smoke from them than the...
  7. Lineforeman

    New RT590

    I got the RT590 yesterday and got it put together and the Lavalok installed around the door. This afternoon I did the burn in and checked to see if it would hold temperature and work. I just put a chicken breast on for our first cook looking forward to ribs and pulled pork next.
  8. Lineforeman

    Trackig number

    I ordered my RT590 yesterday morning and got the tracking number in email this morning. I ordered the folding shelf brackets and Lavalock so now all I have to do is sit and wait for delivery so I can get some ribs cooking.
  9. Lineforeman

    Getting ready to order my RT590

    I am getting ready to order my Stampede later this week and am looking at the accessories. I am for sure getting the all weather smoke vents and a grill cover when they come back in stock. I am wondering if I should order the folding shelf or if I would be better off building my own? Do current...
  10. Lineforeman

    small interior shelf

    I am new to the forum, I had a GMG Davey Crocket for a couple month and had lots of problems with it so returned it. I am going to order a RT 590 and am wondering if the extra interior shelf is worth the money and does it work for adding space to cook more ribs and such? thanks in advance for...