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  1. Lineforeman

    Baby Backs for granddaughters birthday tonight

    Got three racks on the 590 going to wrap them in a bit then supper for two of my grandaughters birthdays tonight. I used the hey grill hey perfect rib rub and have spritzed a couple times with apple juice, I will spritz again put a couple patties of butter on them and wrap them back on the 590.
  2. Lineforeman

    Remebering Pellet Type

    Get some strip magnets and a labeled and make stickers you can stick in the pellet bin.
  3. Lineforeman

    Pulled pork for supper

    Pulled at 195 let it rest an hour and a half, came out good. I think I liked the other be I did with apple blend a little better but this one has a better texture I pulled the last one at about 205 and that was a little too long.
  4. Lineforeman

    Pulled pork for supper

    Forgot the picture
  5. Lineforeman

    Pulled pork for supper

    10# Duroc pork butt has been on for 2 hours. Rubbed with SPG and have Lumberjack Supreme blend pellets. The grand kids school sports started last night so we need something to heat up for quick meals before or after games.
  6. Lineforeman

    First Brisket flat

    Just put my first brisket flat on. Small prime flat with SPG using Lumberjack pecan pellets and a smoke tube for extra smoke. Trying a small one befor I go for a full packer.
  7. Lineforeman

    Pork tenderloin

    I wrap them with bacon and cook at 225 for about 2 hours.
  8. Lineforeman

    Father’s Day cook

    Baby backs 3-2-1 method should be done about noon. I have a friend who has a brother that is general manager of the JBS hog plant here in tow I get boxes of 18.
  9. Lineforeman

    Father’s Day cook

    The baby backs are an hour and a half into the cook. The kids will be here for lunch.
  10. Lineforeman

    Memorial Day 2021: Whats cooking?

    Took them off the 590 I’ll finish my beer while the hash browns cook then dig in.
  11. Lineforeman

    First rack of baby backs on the stampede

    I just pulle my first rack of baby backs off the stampede to wrap, looking pretty good. I have done them before on a GMG that I had for a short time before I returned it but this was much easier held temp perfectly.
  12. Lineforeman

    First pork butt on the 590

    I pulled it off the 590 after 10 hours and at 203 degrees the temp probe was just like they say like pushing through warm butter. I let it rest wrapped in a towel in the cooler for an hour and a half then unwrapped it and the bone came out just like in the videos and it just fell apart. I rubbed...
  13. Lineforeman

    First pork butt on the 590

    Just pulled it off the 590 after 8 hours at 160 degrees and wrapped it and put it back on. I can’t wait till it’s done to see how it comes out
  14. Lineforeman

    First pork butt on the 590

    Put my first pork butt on the 590 this morning. I have done some small cooks, chicken breasts, pork chops and such but this is my first long cook. I also filled the hopper with Lumber Jack apple blend pellets for the first time and so far I think I am getting more smoke from them than the...
  15. Lineforeman

    Giveaway: Field Cast Iron Skillet #8

    I’m in
  16. Lineforeman

    New RT590

    I got the RT590 yesterday and got it put together and the Lavalok installed around the door. This afternoon I did the burn in and checked to see if it would hold temperature and work. I just put a chicken breast on for our first cook looking forward to ribs and pulled pork next.
  17. Lineforeman

    Getting ready to order my RT590

    The RT590 got heVre about noon, got it all put together got the Lavalok around the door and RTV sealer around the all weather smoke vents and have it connected to WIFI on the first try. Now just have to wait for the RTV to set up and do the burn in tomorrow and throw on some baby backs.
  18. Lineforeman

    Trackig number

    I am in central Iowa it has been a cold snowy winter have not had a chance to grill anything. So far this winter we have had 57" of snow and just coming off of two weeks of below zero weather. I have been waiting since the first of the year to order the grill so I would not have to store it in...
  19. Lineforeman

    Trackig number

    I ordered my RT590 yesterday morning and got the tracking number in email this morning. I ordered the folding shelf brackets and Lavalock so now all I have to do is sit and wait for delivery so I can get some ribs cooking.
  20. Lineforeman

    Getting ready to order my RT590

    Just placed the order. Got the Stampede, all weather vents and a grate brush for now the cover is out of stock so I will either have to search and find one that will work somewhere else or wait till they come back in stock and order one then. Now I have to order the Lava Lock to seal it and some...