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  1. Lager1829

    Recteq announcement Thur 4 pm

    Coming Thu
  2. Lager1829

    Recteq giving away RT-B380

    Recteq give away Are you going to declare your independence from charcoal and gas this 4th of July 👀 ? Let us help you with that, we are giving everyone the chance to win the ultimate summer giveaway! To enter the giveaway: *The winner will be announced on 7/12*...
  3. Lager1829

    recteq new YouTube Channel

    Apologies if this was noted elsewhere. recteq created a new YouTube channel for all of their live social media videos. recteq Live Shows Lot's of good tips and great recipes! And very entertaining.
  4. Lager1829

    RECTEQ Icer is back in stock

    Just got notification today ICER