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  1. Ruwallydog

    To wrap or not to wrap? That’s the question

    Question for you all who smoke brisket without wrapping. Growing up in TX that’s the way I learned to cook brisket so this is going to be an experiment for me. Does it extend cook times? Do you leave on more fat when trimming? Bark? I’m thinking a bit thicker and crispier? Spritz or no spritz...
  2. Ruwallydog

    Great Brisket!

    So this is about the 5th brisket I’ve done since getting the Bull back in April. All have been amazing...wish I bought this grill years ago! Thank you Rec-Tec.
  3. Ruwallydog

    RT 700 Cover

    Well, just got the cover on the Bull. Feel like i deserve a merit badge...but I guess a beer will have to suffice. Holy hell.
  4. Ruwallydog

    First Cook on The Bull - Initial Thoughts

    As some of you are aware I have been a Stick Burner guy for years and finally got into the pellet game this past week when my Bull arrived on Friday. Being originally from Texas, then Arizona and now Illinois I have maintained my love of BBQ but my interest in smoking in the cold, wind, and snow...
  5. Ruwallydog

    First Cook - Probe Issue

    Just put on a brisket for an overnight cook. Used one probe for the point and the other in the flat. One of the probes will not show temp on the display for more than a few seconds. I reversed the ports and the issue repeated itself. So, I’m guessing a bad probe, but wanted to see if there is...
  6. Ruwallydog

    Just Got my Grill - Can’t Find the Manual

    Where is it normally? Can’t seem to find it...Dammit! I know it’s online but I’m an old school guy.
  7. Ruwallydog

    Ordered My Bull

    Been using a Yoder stick burner for years so the Bull will be my first foray into the pellet world. Moved to IL from AZ a few years ago and hope this can extend my desire to enjoy my BBQ year-round once again. This community is amazing and I want to thank all of you as it had a profound impact...