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  1. Lager1829

    good recipes for smoked Beef tenderloin

    I have not done one, but I would trim off the silver skin and excess fat, season with Heffer Dust and smoke @ 225 until internal temp 125. Then sear it on all sides at a high temp 475+ on flat side of grill grates or what ever you have available to do that. I just put this on my to do list!
  2. Lager1829

    New to smoking and I appear to be really good at making leather

    Skip the low temps. For chicken thighs I go right to 400 and pull ~185 - 195 IT. Be sure to dry brine with Kosher salt or Freakin Greek for a few hours. Crispy skin. Same with the brats. - skip the low temps.
  3. Lager1829

    Another Is It Worth It Question

    I guess his I'm already dead alarm didn't go off.
  4. Lager1829

    Another Is It Worth It Question

    Go for it. Temperature control is amazing. Customer service is second to none. Great build quality. I only use the app to monitor temperature while it's preheating. Don't let the app complaints turn you off. I don't see Aaron Franklin using an app.
  5. Lager1829

    Unable to get RT-590 to heat up

    No fan?
  6. Lager1829

    Rt 590 potential owner.

    Excellent, thank you!
  7. Lager1829

    Rt 590 potential owner.

    Which Louisiana blanket is that? I've been looking for one for my 590
  8. Lager1829

    Right way to do pizza

    I have a Lodge cast iron pizza baking pan. Works great!
  9. Lager1829

    Hello from Pittsburgh, PA

    Yinz won't be disappointed! Congrats!
  10. Lager1829

    New app problems!

    If Android, confirm your version is 1.7.1 (294). I had the crazy out of order notifications but since a subsequent update, notifications seem fine.
  11. Lager1829

    Turning off wifi

    Wipe it. Like with a cloth? Seriously call Support
  12. Lager1829

    Mail order rib shop anyone??

    +1 Wild Fork. I just received an order this week. Prime brisket, prime beef plate short ribs and prime tomahawk steak! Next up some St Louis pork ribs.
  13. Lager1829

    Ordered the 700 today

    Great choice! I sold my WSM after buying the RT. Set it and forget it for the grill temp. Use the Weber Genesis with your sear kit. You can quickly heat that to sear temp while the RT is cooking at the lower temps. So there is no delay while waiting for the RT to get to sear temp.
  14. Lager1829


    Or GrillGrates directly. GrillGrates same price when you consider 2 vs 3 panels. Not sure of shipping $
  15. Lager1829

    Cold smoked salmon

    The smoke box accessory.
  16. Lager1829

    Did you guys happen to see this?

    Support is just awesome. I make a comment on social media lamenting how long it takes my RT to reach 400. They called me within 40 minutes of my post!!
  17. Lager1829

    New recteq app is out

    Same here. (Android). Notifications are way out of order and delayed.
  18. Lager1829

    New recteq app is out

    They noted in the product announcement video that the app upgrade is iOS only at this time.
  19. Lager1829

    Bone In Brisket?

    Do you have any dogs?