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    Traeger gourmet premium pellets ar costco

    I was wondering if anyone has had experience with these pellets. 33 lb bag at Costco is $20. Im currently using the perfect mix on my 700, And have been satisfied with that product . I have read that traeger was sued over their pellets not being as advertised, being flavored...
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    seasoning vs filth. where do you draw the line?

    just curious. i am new to pellet grilling, having had a gas grill for my adult life. i have seen the videos here, talked to some of the rec tec guys. a greasy/dirty grill is a seasoned grill? i admit i am a bit confused on the subject. i can understand how using a grill over time can "season...
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    looking for opinions : new legs vs comp cart

    hi all, i plan to position the 700 on my backyard deck, where it will spend most of it life. it will move around a lot on this deck, making small excursions over to the grass is greener side of the lawn from time to time. my question: are the new legs/wheels adequate for this type of mobility...
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    Sold / Found Original (first gen) standard legs for 700

    am looking for the original base legs for the bull 700. my plan was to purchase the bull, then do the wheel modification. i actually purchased all the stuff for the wheel mod and had not yet purchased the bull because life stuff happened and i was distracted. with the new legs/stand, there is...