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  1. Bytor

    Beef Nothing Fancy Chuck

    I have been cooking Chucks a little hotter, at 275 versus the usual 225 I would do in the past. I think they turn out really well and at about half the time. I will either wrap in paper, or put in a covered foil pan around the 170ish stall temp. The pan, with some added broth/Dr. Pepper or...
  2. Bytor

    Smoking meat forums

    Anybody happen to know what's going on over at the site? It's been down for several days now. If it was planned, I never saw the notice.
  3. Bytor

    Pork Sliced Butt

    So, I like pulled pork, but I have been making it off and on now for quite some time. I decided to try making it for sliced pork steaks. After looking around various sites and seeing a Malcom video on de-boning the butt, I decided to take the task on. I got an 8.25 lb Smithfield butt that...
  4. Bytor

    Elevated Chicken

    I have noticed when cooking a spatchcocked chicken that once the fat begins to render out of the skin, it produces a lot of smoke on the drip pan. The smoke can be overpowering at times, and for my taste seems to add an oilier type of smoke flavor, and be overpowering. I decided to elevate the...
  5. Bytor

    Trailblazer, one year later

    So, after 1 year of using my Trailblazer, I thought I would leave a review. This is my first pellet smoker and prior to this, I was using a Chargriller 5050 with a SFB for around 12 years. Since then, I have bought a Blackstone griddle and replaced my dying Chargriller with a Napoleon gasser...
  6. Bytor

    Am I a Doofus???

    So, I have been using my Trailblazer since the first of the year. For no particular reason, I downloaded the manual and perused through it. I then realized that I have been using this with the drip pan installed incorrectly. I guess thinking the laws of physics when I initially put it...
  7. Bytor

    Spare cut into St. Louis style

    I bought a somewhat large rack of spares, at about 6.5 lbs. I trimmed them down to a St. Louis style. That left me with some good rib tips to use up. I forgot to get a before photo... Tips were pretty nice too. Ribs went on for a full 3-2-1, while the tips went on for 2.5 hrs then mopped...
  8. Bytor

    BKF Cookware

    I know there have been threads about BKF here, but has anyone tried the BKF Cookware product? I was going to buy the regular BKF and then saw this one. I haven't tried it on my Trailblazer, but have used it on some stainless posts that I have. This material seems more coarse than the...
  9. Bytor

    Sun induced temp swings

    There's been some discussion off and on about temperature swings of the Rec Tec's. The photo below shows how a hot sunny day in the sun can affect pit temp's. For the first few hours, my Trailblazer was in the shade and held 225 all of the time. Once the sun began beaming down, the...
  10. Bytor

    Vent modification

    So I went ahead and purchased the smoke vent extensions to go on the vents of the Trailblazer. Dishing out $16 for the pair seemed a little excessive, but what the heck, I'm now working from home and have a bunch of time to kill.... I installed the first one, then thought I should be...
  11. Bytor

    Going remote

    Today, I decided to make good use of the Trailblazers wifi controller. I had a 4lb Chuck I was wanting to smoke, but wasn’t going to be able to make it home in the morning to get things going for dinner around 6pm. I decided to take advantage of the chilly morning and set up for a remote...
  12. Bytor

    Boxing Day Pulled Pork

    I started off with a 9.5 lb butt that was trimmed down about a half a pound or so. I forgot to weigh the trimmed pieces. I applied the usual rub that I make 2 days out and wrapped it tight in a food bag. I had pretty much everything set up for launch at 0530. This is one of the main reasons...
  13. Bytor

    Small Interior Shelf

    Does anyone have this accessory shelf? I haven't the need for it thus far, but was wondering if it's worth it. Does it have any negative effect on cooking times? Thanks
  14. Bytor

    First pizza

    I wanted to try out a pizza on the smoker. It turned out quite well. After letting my dough warm up for a couple hours, I spread it out onto a pizza pan with a good amount of olive oil on it. I like to let my dough cold ferment for two or more days. The crust is really much better that way...
  15. Bytor

    Proper heat distribution

    So, I made some burgers on the smoker this evening. I made 6 burgers from 82/20 that were 4 oz and about 3-1/2" each. I had the smoker set to 500 and placed the patties on the grill. After 4 minutes I checked them and the two on the right side were well cooked and were set. The two on the...
  16. Bytor

    Smoked and glazed salmon

    So I decided smoke number 2 would be salmon. I got A 2-1/2 lb salmon filet and rinsed, checked for bones and then dried off. I used a blend of blackend seasoning, kosher salt, pepper, honey, a handfull of crushed almonds and taragon. Cooked at 300 for about 45 minutes then bumped up to 400...
  17. Bytor

    First fire

    I got my grill on Friday and of course it was heavy down pours all day yesterday. Today, I did the initial burnout for an hour and then put on 6 nice sized chicken quarters. I couldn't get over that it got up to 400 in less than 4 minutes with it being 45 outside. I did the usual overnight...
  18. Bytor

    New to RecTec

    Well, I finally got over my paralysis by analysis and ordered a Trailblazer. I spent way too much time looking at GMG's, Traegers and others. After reading all of the reviews, they all seemed to be good in their own way and not so good in others. Once I started reading about the 340, I knew I...