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  1. MikeyB

    Meater Probe

    Anyone have one? Likes/dislikes/etc. Was thinking of asking for one for Christmas. I’m thinking it would be perfect for when I use my rotisserie over my firepit. Thanks
  2. MikeyB

    Summer Clearance sale????

    Just happened to got to Rec Teq”s website and this page popped up, what is this all about? MODERATOR NOTICE - This is a SCAM website. There is NO way in heck you're getting a brand new RecTeq grill for $100. DO NOT USE THE SITE MENTIONED IN THIS THREAD OR PICTURES BELOW!!!
  3. MikeyB

    First Pork Butt

    Picked up close to a 6 lb pork butt at Walmart yesterday. Figured I would try out a small one as this is my first ever attempt at this. Going to use Gallery Backyard bbq video as a guide and see how it goes. Butt is on the pit at 5am this morning and the Bull is set at 225 degrees. Killer Hogs...
  4. MikeyB

    Rib Racks?

    Does anyone use them? I have a rack from Weber that I have used on my firepit and it worked out pretty good. Have not tried it out on my 700 yet. Was also looking at the Rib Ring from BBQ Guru where you can fit a few racks of ribs and a whole chicken in the middle of it. Looks pretty cool if...
  5. MikeyB

    Baby back fail

    Did my first rack of 3-2-1 baby backs yesterday. Everything started off great, but could not get them to finish. Here’s what I did -8 am , pulled membrane and seasoned , let sit for 2 hours -10 am on the Bull set at 225 degrees, along with water pan. -spritzed with apple juice every hour. -1 pm...
  6. MikeyB

    How to get rid of the ads

    Good morning guys, I’m a new member and was wondering if there is a way to get rid of all these ads? Thanks
  7. MikeyB

    Newbie from Long Island

    Hey guys, I’m new to the pellet game and just burned in my new 700 last night. Looking to do some salmon and chicken breasts tonight for my first cook. Can any recommend a good cover for the Bull? Was looking for a less expensive one than what Rec Tec carries. I tried Unicook and they said they...