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  1. Bytor

    Too Many Ads

    When I use my Kindle I get hit with annoying ads too.
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    Why do you leave it on the grill after brisket is wrapped?

    The only time I will finish off in the house is in the winter when its colder outside and I want to aid in heating the kitchen. However , 225-275 isn't all that hot to aid in the heating process. I much prefer to be outside, especially in the Fall time cooking with a brew or two than in the...
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    Increase smoke

    Now why didn't I think of that? :oops:
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    Chuck Roast today

    I notice more grease when doing a couple racks of ribs than with a chuck. Agree with Pete above, except I like to put in a foil pan covered. The broth and juices really make for some good gravy or just for dipping and if you're gonna pull it, add back into the meat afterwards.
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    Beef Nothing Fancy Chuck

    I have been cooking Chucks a little hotter, at 275 versus the usual 225 I would do in the past. I think they turn out really well and at about half the time. I will either wrap in paper, or put in a covered foil pan around the 170ish stall temp. The pan, with some added broth/Dr. Pepper or...
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    Right way to do pizza

    If the hydration isn't that high, I will toss on the grill grates for a few min, flip it then top it up. Otherwise, I like using a screen. Both ways produce great pizza.
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    I hear Taps quietly playing in the background.......
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    New recteq app is out

    I find that if I go to the temp chart then go back to the main screen, the temps will update. I'm still running 1.7.0.
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    Rested Pork, now it’s at 127’

    If it hit an IT of 195-198, it was wrapped the whole time during the rest and in a cooler, it will be fine. Any potential foodborne bacteria was cooked off many degrees before. With it wrapped and not exposed to any external environment until eaten, it would be fine. dig in and enjoy. I know...
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    Pulled Pork tips?

    I had a 9 pounder rest for almost 4 hours and it was still steaming hot when I began to pull it. It was also one of the moistest too.
  11. Bytor

    Shop vac

    Yep, bucket head works great. Go to Kroger or similar and see what they have for buckets in the baking section. I got a 3 gallon bucket there that previously held vanilla icing and it was free. Also smelt good for a while too.
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    Alternative Brisket seasoning

    I like to use this Cajun seasoning a lot. I can get it at my local GFS store. I used it on a Chuck last week and several other times too. Not too high on the sodium, so the flavor has a good punch to it. Kosmos Dirty bird works well on beef too.
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    Covers, yea or nay?

    I have all of my stuff under a pergola, but I still cover everything up. Definitely keeps rain out during windy storms. As long as there's no flat spots on the cover, the water won't collect. I drive a convertible and will use convertible top protector on all of my covers. It works quite...
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    All weather smoke vents

    I bought mine from RT. They work pretty good.
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    Hey Y’all!

    Welcome aboard! This is the place for all things RT.
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    Today’s Smoke

    Looks great. I still can't get tri-tip in my area :cry:
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    Best Brisket Knife

    So, my question is what is actually better/more effective, serrated, chef type blade or a Granton type of blade? I have used a Mercer chef knife and Victorinox serrated "bread knife" all with good results. If I'm not careful, the serrated blade can dig into meat moreso than the chef blade...
  18. Bytor

    On the fence. Any issues with 340?

    My 340 stays put on my patio, only getting moved around to clean the patio. I haven't had any fire issues to temp related problems. My typical cooks are less than 350, at most. This thing heats up quickly and holds temps well.
  19. Bytor

    Baby back fail

    Depending on the rib size, for BB's I usually go 2-2-1 at 225. After the last hour mark, I then look for the bend. If they're not bending, they will stay on longer. I never spritz and don't use a water pan. Keep the lid closed and let the exterior develop some crust to it. They will collect...
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    Tough thighs

    Once smoked at that low temp, you need to ramp up the pit temp to get the skin crispy. I usually go to 400, but I'm sure others will chime in on their favorite temps. The skin fat needs high heat to render out the fat for 30 min or so. You should also pat dry the skin before seasoning. Baking...