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  1. Roaniecowpony

    Wagyu Steak - First Time for me

    I recently tried American Wagyu NY steak for the first time. It was really great. We'll probably get more on special occasions. I've seen it in more and more markets and restaurants. It used to be I'd only see a Wagyu cut in Japanese markets and some specialty markets. The Japanese markets...
  2. Roaniecowpony

    Fat Cap Up or Down

    That is the question. I dont do a lot of brisket and I decided to do this one slightly different. I usually go fat cap down and spritz/baste a few times. I did this one fat cap up per something I read, supposedly about how Aaron Franklin goes with the cap up to self baste to form bark. Last...
  3. Roaniecowpony

    Another Freakin Greek Rub use

    I occasionally get the guilts and do some chicken. In this case, I used my komado, but it still applies if you want to use RT smoker or the Bullseye. Too often, chicken gets boring from bland flavor, especially the breast, but even the thick sections of the thighs. You can only do so much...
  4. Roaniecowpony

    Traeger and Weber going public

    I just read both Traeger and Weber are going public. I wonder what effects it will have on us consumers? It likely will result more off-shoring for Weber, if they even have any manufacturing left in the states.
  5. Roaniecowpony

    Favorite Wines with your BBQ

    I thought I'd start a thread for the wine lovers here. For beer and liquor lets please start another thread. My wife has been a staunch Cabernet Sav fan for quite a few years. I've always been open to everything from whites to the big reds, depending on how I feel and what I'm eating. While I...
  6. Roaniecowpony

    Pulled Pork for Memorial Day Afternoon

    Pork shoulder on at 4 pm for tomorrow afternoon party. I'm running at 225F. I think it should finish up around 6-8 am. No wrap. I'll wire up the EKG so I don't have to get out of bed to check up on it in the wee hours of the morning. I'll let it cool an hour or two, then pull it, then...
  7. Roaniecowpony

    "Cold Smoking" Cheddar Cheese

    We are heading up to the Paso Robles wine country with a few other couples and my wife wanted some smoked cheese to take along for the trip. I figured I'd make enough to give a small block to each couple as well as build a stash for us. I had been using my Bull running on "LOW" with the smoke...
  8. Roaniecowpony

    Mother's Day BBQ

    Here's my Mother's Day contribution to the family get together today. Just put the ribs on at 8:00 am. Mix of equal parts of RecTec Ult Blend (Oak), LJ Cherry, Cookin Pellets Apple Mash. The smoke tube has straight cherry. The rub is John Henry's Texas Brisket rub. Whatcha smokin? Wrap...
  9. Roaniecowpony

    Cod - What to do

    My wife bought some cod from Costco yesterday. I'm trying to figure out how to prepare it. Your ideas/recipes are appreciated.
  10. Roaniecowpony

    Butt Wrap or No Wrap?

    I'm at the point where I would wrap my butts. What have you done?
  11. Roaniecowpony

    Front Sear or Reverse Sear

    I've been on BBQ/grilling forums for at least 15 years now and have been aware of the "reverse sear" on steaks and chops in most of that time. Years ago, I had gone down the path of reverse searing and have come back to the traditional front sear. What method do you prefer, and why?
  12. Roaniecowpony

    Costco Prime Top Sirloin Cap Off Steaks

    A sporting clays shooting friend gave me a tip the other day. He had grilled some steaks from Costco and thought they were "da kine". I went to Costco a couple days later and was looking for something to bbq. I recalled my friend's recommendation on the steaks. I picked the most marbled...
  13. Roaniecowpony

    Surprise request

    A week ago, a neighbor texted me and asked if I could bbq tritip, ribs and brisket for a family party. They had first asked my wife, who told them to ask me. They are nice enough people, but I still thought it was a lot to ask someone for a whole day of their time. I really don't think...
  14. Roaniecowpony

    St Patrick"s Day Plan???

    We're far enough out for some planning here. I'm thinking this is my first really good excuse to buy a prime packer and strip off the point cut and make some great burnt ends. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll take the flat cut and make some corned beef/pastrami as well. But the real treat is the burnt...
  15. Roaniecowpony

    Chuck's Christmas Eve RecTec Ham

    I have been smoking hams for about a dozen or more years. It has evolved over the years, finally settling on smoking on one of my komado type smokers using apple/cherry and injecting with a mix of maple syrup, John Henry's Sugar Maple Rub and either water or chicken broth to thin it. Apple...
  16. Roaniecowpony

    Saturday Flap Meat Treats (faux burnt ends)

    Started some flap meat for some beef treats. It's been a few months since I did this. The last batch was better than any other cut for faux burnt ends, except of course the real deal brisket point. Unfortunately, I can't find just brisket point and I'm not big on the flat. This cut, labeled...
  17. Roaniecowpony

    BBQ for Covid Victims

    Friday, we found out some neighbors down the street had contracted covid. The father was feeling bad and staying in bed. The mother went to the ER yesterday. They gave her some meds and sent her home. I figured I might be able to help by doing what I know...bbq. I whipped up a couple...
  18. Roaniecowpony

    Simple BabyBacks

    I've spent a lot of time experimenting and using intricate methods to get maximum results. So, it struck me the other day that I bought a RT so it would be easy, not to develop additional intricate methods. I decided I'd try some basic method to get a simple method which my wife could do if...
  19. Roaniecowpony

    St. Lou coming up for Lunch

    After not posting in a while, I decided to put up a post of my ribs today. I've been using the RT 700 regularly, just haven't posted. I had smoked something Monday and didn't cover it since. Now it's covered in ash, probably from as far away as Oregon, I'm told.
  20. Roaniecowpony

    Smokin Brothers Heatwave

    I had an idea to promote more convection in my Bull. I was about to make some deflectors, but stumbled on these from Smokin Brothers. They are virtually identical to what I was thinking. I'm trying them out with some flap meat here. I've offset...