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  1. Mikeonthelake

    Front Folding Shelf for Stampede is in Stock (I hope)

    Mine arrived on Tuesday. I'll install it on Saturday.
  2. Mikeonthelake

    Front Folding Shelf for Stampede is in Stock (I hope)

    Checked Recteq's website just now and it did not have the "Out of Stock" message for the Stampede Front Folding Shelf. I was able to place an order for it and received an email confirmation. Hope it is actually in stock and my order is filled!
  3. Mikeonthelake

    Bear Mountain Pellets/BOGO Free with free shipping

    Might want to call them and check on your order. I ordered two 20 lb bags on 8/31 and they were shipped on 9/2 and delivered yesterday.
  4. Mikeonthelake

    What Smoking Labor Day weekend 2020

    Chicken Saturday, Brisket Sunday. Life is good!
  5. Mikeonthelake

    Help! No Smoke!

    Glad you figured it out. I moved from the Silicon Valley to South Carolina 10 years ago. Native Californian (born at Stanford Hospital) and I still have lots of friends there. Truly distressed over all the drought, fires, and other disasters that have hit California these past years. Hope this...
  6. Mikeonthelake

    Help! No Smoke!

    Wow! 114 degrees! Maybe because it is so hot it takes very little fire in the firepot to maintain temp. Wondering if not much fire means very little or no smoke.
  7. Mikeonthelake

    Connecting to Wifi

    I have an Orbi mesh system at my main house. When I connected a wifi thermometer, I accessed the Orbi on the computer and disabled SSID broadcast for the 5 ghz. After I had my thermometer connected to the 2.4 ghz, I enabled the 5 ghz SSID broadcast again.
  8. Mikeonthelake

    New member

    GH41 is spot on. Especially about the drip tray. Don't put the drip tray in backwards. The grease will flow the wrong way. Don't ask me how I know......😁
  9. Mikeonthelake

    BGE Grill

    Pretty sure BGE is the Big Green Egg.
  10. Mikeonthelake

    Can I cut this in half?

    I smoked about the same amount a month ago from Costco. There were 2 in the package. I smoked them both on my vertical smoker. There are only 3 of us in my family, so we had a nice dinner, put a small amount in the fridge for lunches during the week, then vacuum sealed 6 lbs in three 2 lb...
  11. Mikeonthelake

    All-Weather Smoke Vents

    I used the flat part of a screwdriver to push on them with my thumb. Outside ones seem to be tight, middle one is a bit loose. I was reluctant to use too much force on my brand new shiny grill. Now that it's starting to get dirty, I may try something else to tighten them up.
  12. Mikeonthelake

    All-Weather Smoke Vents

    I installed my smoke vents today with Oklahoma Joe's Gasket Seal (Amazon messed up my Fireblack delivery and this was all Lowes had). The seal is just OK. The smoke vents themselves do not sit flush, so there are still small gaps. At some point I'll need to remove the gasket and caulk with the...
  13. Mikeonthelake

    New Stampede this Saturday

    Thanks! When I ordered the Stampede, I did not realize how close RecTeq is to my lakehouse. I was able to change the order to a pick-up last Monday. They were very accommodating. It was 1 hour 15 minutes drive there and the same back. I may have been driving a wee bit over the speed limit. 😁
  14. Mikeonthelake

    New Stampede this Saturday

    Hey...congrats to you! Hope delivery is quick.
  15. Mikeonthelake

    New Stampede this Saturday

    Picked up the grill this morning. Went to the showroom 1st. Bought a few jars of rub, a mesh mat and bloody mary mix. Rec Tec threw in a 40 lb bag of pellets. Really unexpected and very much appreciated! Took about 40 minutes to unbox and assemble the grill and a whole minute to connect it to my...
  16. Mikeonthelake

    New Stampede this Saturday

    Picking up my new Stampede at Rec Teq this Saturday. They're only about 90 minutes from my lake place where the Stampede will live. Pretty excited about this and it will pair nicely with my older Weber Genesis gas grill up there. Will assemble it Saturday as well and break it in. I have a...