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    Heffer dust salt content

    I have a prime tri-tip I’m going to smoke tomorrow. I’m thinking of a salt brine overnight followed by heffer dust tomorrow. Does anyone know how much salt is in heffer dust? I’m curious if that will wind up being too salty?
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    Today’s Smoke

    4 pound prime tri-tip from Costco. Coated with Hefer dust and thrown on @225....
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    Plenty Hot

    I think the grill gets hot enough....
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    Let’s get the weekend started

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    Reverse Sear V2.0

    Last week I did a reverse sear on a couple of thick steaks. I pulled them when IT was 120, heated the grill grates on full and seared for a couple minutes. They tasted good, but were WAY overcooked. What's a guy to do? Try again this afternoon! I was curious what temp you all shoot for? I...
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    How’s your Sunday going?

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    Whole Chicken

    2nd cook on the 590 today. Going to toss on a whole chicken, yes I know to cook to temp, but can someone give me a rough guess on how long it will take to get up to temp? The family has a lot of activites tonight so I need to make sure it is done in time. Thank you.