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  1. ol' stonebreaker

    had a wifi problem

    Grilled some ribs yesterday and after a short time the RT wifi quit working on my phone. It just said "device offline". Tried resetting the password and some other things to no avail. Started it up again today and still the same. Called our son who owns an RT 700 and he said he had the same...
  2. ol' stonebreaker

    Turkey legs and thighs----

    ----- and the first one turned out great!! I've found the grill is hotter on the right side. The right one got done and we had dinner and I moved the left one to the right and still waiting for it to get done. Next time I'll change positions with them every hour and maybe they'll get done at the...
  3. ol' stonebreaker

    wifi question

    While our son, who owns a 700, was visiting he tried to get my phone to find my 340 with the recteq app to no avail. However he could enter his user name and password in my phone and it worked. My phone is an LG Stylo6. Anyone have an idea how to fix this?
  4. ol' stonebreaker

    My 340 doesn't like cold

    Started it up yesterday at about 20*F and it took the fan quite awhile to get up to speed and once it started smoking it made thick smoke for quite awhile. After all that everything was normal. Guess I'll keep it in our semi heated garage and roll it outside to grill.
  5. ol' stonebreaker

    How to fix the warping deflector

    ---that warping flame deflector. Mine had about 1/2" of warp so decided to do what RT should be doing. I just happened to have this flat bar I salvaged from a store display rack. A little overkill for thickness but it's what I had. I'll see well this holds up.
  6. ol' stonebreaker

    Had a senior moment!!

    To install the folding handles I had the 340 tipped and supported by the pellet hopper. So a few days after I decided to grill a lb of bacon and started having some wild temp swings and found the right side was extremely hot and left side was barely cooking the bacon. Got it done and decided it...
  7. ol' stonebreaker

    folding handles

    Decided to fix the problem of pulling it and stubbing my toes on the leg. For me pushing it across grass was near impossible. Getting the little springs back in was a bit of a trick.
  8. ol' stonebreaker


    After I tired of the avatar notice always there I decided to copy Wilson.
  9. ol' stonebreaker

    Gonna have a chat with rec rec tomorrow!!

    Was planning to grill a chuck roast tomorrow so spent all afternoon to make sure it was dialed in for 225*. Not knowing exactly which way to go from 30 I set it to 40. Nope wrong way, so did a shutdown and reset it to 20 and still getting wild temp swings. Tried 10, still wild swings. Called...
  10. ol' stonebreaker

    Afterburn?? experience

    Grilled a lb of bacon this PM and everything went fine. Did the shutdown and after the fan shut down I noticed smoke coming out of the grill so I guess the firepot wasn't cooled quite enough and burned up the small quantity it augers in at the end of the shutdown. I guess next time I start it it...
  11. ol' stonebreaker

    First cook and an added accessory

    First cook was chicky thighs and added a homemade accessory from the Traeger. The utensils were given to me by my son about 30 yrs ago. Yes, it says Craftsman on the handles.
  12. ol' stonebreaker

    CYA screen is gone

    6" cutoff wheel on my grinder took it off in a minute. when the hopper is about empty I like to be able to push all the dust into the auger to get rid of it. I'm sure it will burn as good as the pellets. I'm pretty sure RT's lawyers advised to install it.
  13. ol' stonebreaker

    340 arrived today

    The UPS truck was in a wreck Thurs and I was advised it would be delivered Mon. The bottom of the box was beat up bad but no damage except one of the bottom shelf channels got tweaked slightly but pliers straightened it easy. Had to tweek the lid hinges slightly as the lid wouldn't close tight...
  14. ol' stonebreaker

    Spud griller from Idaho

    Just ordered an RT-340. Got tired of buying controllers for my traeger and still wouldn't maintain a steady temp. Our son has had a Rectec for some time and from what he's told me about the performance of his I decided the fight with the Traeger was over. He also referred me to this forum. Mike