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  1. Plumberguy

    Most preferred flavor of pellet for pulled pork??

    Hickory or pecan for me.
  2. Plumberguy

    what does bbq mean in your area?

    I live in New England now. It means anything cooked outdoors up here. They call cookouts "barbeques". I am from Georgia, and I'm with you @chadinsc ; in the words of Myron Mixon, "Georgia barbecue is Carolina barbeque".
  3. Plumberguy

    Controller Temp probe

    Don't know if this is the problem, but someone on another thread said that if the hex nut on the controller (where the probes plug in) is loose, it can create issues. I seem to remember they said just hand/finger tightening it can resolve problems similar to what you're describing.
  4. Plumberguy

    Bull chamber temp vs. probe

    I turned my offset to -3 based on a very similar experience to yours, and Bull seems dialed in now. Watch the you tube video if you have not done so.
  5. Plumberguy

    Notification sound

    I may be wrong, but I don't think you can change notification tones for 3rd party apps in iOS
  6. Plumberguy

    best smoke tube

    Is this the tube you'd recommend?
  7. Plumberguy

    Temp Changes

    I would probably also rotate them at least once during the 3 hour stretch and once during the 2 hour stretch. On my Bull, left side runs 10-15 degrees hotter than the right.
  8. Plumberguy

    Temp Changes

    Don't think so. This is why you bought the Bull, it'll do 4 racks no problem, I would think.
  9. Plumberguy

    Hotdogs - Wife Feedback

    New wives are more expensive than a Blackstone or new Weber….so…
  10. Plumberguy

    BBR and Pork Tenderloin on the Bull

    Looks great. Tenderloins 90 mins at 225 (and you pulled at IT of 140-145)? How did you season/prepare them?
  11. Plumberguy

    Cold smoked Bluefin Tuna

    Next.level. Looks amazing. To drill down on your process -- dry brine for 3 days in fridge, just sprinkled with kosher salt and brown sugar? Then rinse, dry off, back in fridge for 3 more days, then smoke? Hoping to get my hands on some bluefin at some point this summer.
  12. Plumberguy

    Baby back fail

    Boom. Nice job. If you do spares, will you do them same way? Planning a party and thinking of doing some loin backs Memphis dry style and some spares KC style with a wrap....just weighing my options.
  13. Plumberguy

    Preferred Rubs

    Dan Wright..legit
  14. Plumberguy

    how can i cook a well done steak thats good?

    This, or burgers...
  15. Plumberguy

    Memorial Day weekend Ribs

    Looks great! You gonna wrap or go straight through?
  16. Plumberguy

    Injector - which one?

    I feel like Malcom Reed uses something like this: I have not used one, only injected once and used a hospital syringe and spinal needle to do it. Needle was not large...
  17. Plumberguy

    Let’s get the weekend started

    Sure you have..some people do it on low for 4-5 hours, or slightly higher for less; curious to know what people prefer, that's all. Do you though.
  18. Plumberguy

    Let’s get the weekend started

    Yeah..seems I have seen some say they do bacon low and slow for a while or the whole way through. Curious how that compares to a hotter/faster method like that described above..ya know, the kind of real world practical advice that you might find on a pellet grill forum..😏
  19. Plumberguy

    Pellet grill cookbook

    I got this on Amazon kindle, and it’s just OK to good…also looking for another rec