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  1. Chris_G

    $2K, and problems from the get go

    Not good but stuff happens.
  2. Chris_G

    Central PA New RT-590 Owner

    Fun times ahead, enjoy!
  3. Chris_G

    Tough Brisket

    Looks wonderful!
  4. Chris_G

    Great Leaks on RT-380

    I thought this was a discussion on current events: DC Police victim of massive data leak by ransomware gang
  5. Chris_G

    Best Grate for Bullseye?

    That's my next purchase.
  6. Chris_G

    Riot mode for rt-700

    Current draw was minimal.
  7. Chris_G

    Riot mode for rt-700

    IMHO this is the auger motor to use.
  8. Chris_G

    Riot mode for rt-700

    If memory serves me the BFG auger motor is 2.5 3.0 RPMs and the Bull is 2.0 RPMs.
  9. Chris_G

    Riot mode for rt-700

    I was looking at that option as well. If it works for you I will do it for sure so keep us posted.
  10. Chris_G

    New from Missouri

    Now the waiting begins, enjoy!
  11. Chris_G

    More Pastrami

    I know the protein value is about the same for beef and cicadas but....
  12. Chris_G

    More Pastrami

    That's my kind of food right here! Beats the hell out of Cicadas any day of the week .
  13. Chris_G

    Thermometer vs Actual Grate Temp

    Okay, that makes sense, thanks.
  14. Chris_G

    Charcoal pellets

    I didn't care for the charcoal pellets, no more for me.
  15. Chris_G

    More Pastrami

    Looks great.
  16. Chris_G

    Thermometer vs Actual Grate Temp

    Thanks for the response. I was surprised to see the hot side on the left.
  17. Chris_G

    Thermometer vs Actual Grate Temp

    Interesting, did you seal the lid?
  18. Chris_G

    Cooking advice needed.

    I think I'm going to try the canned version, cheaper less expensive than the wagyu.
  19. Chris_G

    Cooking advice needed.

    Thanks @chadinsc for your help. I agree with double wrapped foil, it's clear the butcher paper doesn't work. I think @mooncusser2k may have a point. I should have used the Wagyu cicadas to avoid this issue. Practice makes perfect, back to the pit!