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  1. boogermeister

    Overheating 590

    I just completed my first cook on my new 590, it was a success, even my wife really liked it, and she does not eat much meat1(she went back for seconds) The problem is the grill went way over temp. I first cooked for 1 hour on extreme smoke, then kicked it up to 250 for an hour. Temps stayed...
  2. boogermeister

    590 on the way

    I got in on the Black Friday deal and got the 590 and comp. cart. It just shipped out, can't wait. Also got the cover and vent kit. My wife said go for it so I did! I am giving my son my Camp Chef pellet grill. I really is a decent grill, but I have used it for 5 or 6 years now and figure...