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  1. Wslayer

    Req Teq App.

    ReqTeq app has to be one of the worst out there. It is great for setting and changing temps which is a very simple task. The temp chart is a POS. It has only charted 80 mins of an 8 hr cook. Have 1 alarm set for notification when my temp hits 195°, I don't need an early notification that my meat...
  2. Wslayer


    Haven't been able to use my Stampede lately, but wondering if anyone has had any luck with operational alarms? I was told previously about 2 weeks to get it straightened out. It has been that . Curious if they were true to their word this time. Purchased Dec 20, was told 2 weeks at that time...
  3. Wslayer

    Griddle Grill

    Have Rec Tec's griddle grill and seasoned yesterday according to"their" You Tube video. I used Avocado oil which has a higher smoke point similar to grapeseed oil. For some reason it did not take very well. You can basically rub it off with your thumb. Do I need to completely re-do and if so...
  4. Wslayer

    Wifi alarms

    I can't get my alarms to activate thru wifi. Everything else seems to be working fine. Looked on website at manual, didn't see a fix. Was wondering if others had troubles with alarms before I call CS.
  5. Wslayer

    Stampede On The Way

    Pulled the trigger on the Cyber Weekend 590 Silver Package yesterday. Joins the arsenal with my MES 40. Alexis was great to deal with.
  6. Wslayer

    Rec Tec material

    Have looked and don't see the differences in materials used between Bull and Stampede. Is the Bull actually constructed of heavier material ? Heavier may be a plus for ND colder weather. I use welding blanket now on MES. Where is that stated if so ? Does Rec Tec have Black Friday discounts at...
  7. Wslayer

    Rec Tec 590 or 700?

    Been looking into pellet grills quite heavily lately and thinking of joining the family here. Usually only do small cooks, but occasionally couple racks of ribs and maybe a pan of beans or Mac and cheese. Would the smaller 590 serve my purpose well enough ? I know the 700 would probably be a...