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  1. boogermeister

    Beer Can Chicken

    That looks and sounds real good. I am saving this recipe and gonna give it a try. Love this Forum!!
  2. boogermeister

    New 590 on its way..

    No problems here either, I like the gasket, it makes the lid sound solid when you close it. You don't need the gasket, but in my experiance, it does not hurt either.
  3. boogermeister

    is this rust on my 590

    Wow!! If mine starts to go that way it will get cleaned up the painted with some hi-temp. paint, I would hate my grill looking like that. My 7 year old Camp Chef which is going to my neighbor looks almost new, and believe me, I have a lot of cooks on it.
  4. boogermeister

    What's smoking for Easter

    Nothing today, took the day off, but yesterday did beef plate ribs. Did not eat them yet, I slice them into individual bones, then wrapped and froze them for quick meals.
  5. boogermeister

    Help a new guy with wings...

    There are many ways to cook wings, and none of them are wrong. Most ways will turn out very good to great wings, few will fail. My method--Wash, dry then season the wings. I also add 1tbsp corn starch to the seasoning, for about 15-18 wings. Smoke at 225 for 1 hour, then turn up the grill to...
  6. boogermeister

    RT590 Display

    That is strange, should always read the temp no matter if using wifi or not. Bad display?
  7. boogermeister

    Great day to look GREAT!!!!

    Nice, looks like new!
  8. boogermeister

    Best Ribs Ever on my 590!

    Thanks for that! I was picturing something a bit more complex, but this is perfect, simple is better, especially after drinking half the bottle before I get to the brownies!!
  9. boogermeister

    Best Ribs Ever on my 590!

    Those sound great, where can I find the recipe?
  10. boogermeister

    Best Ribs Ever on my 590!

    Good job on the ribs! Try a chuck roast sometime, they turn out great and you can get them fairly cheap on sale. You can also for desert do a pie on the Recteq. Today I made a cheese cake on the grill, really easy and it was a winner. These grills can cook almost anything you want, and it is...
  11. boogermeister

    Hopper Management

    Hey, I know one of those idiots!! My boss!!!!!
  12. boogermeister

    Pellet Management

    Type of pellets make little to no difference in your cook. Just use competition blend, it is as good as anything and you only have to keep one type of pellet on hand.
  13. boogermeister

    Chicken Wings

    I do them like gpm365-never failed me yet. Also can watch the recteq guys do their cook videos for more tips. They have daily shows on facebook and they are also on youtube. They are full of sales pitches, but they are entertaining and do have some good recipes.
  14. boogermeister

    WTF Just Happened?!

    Someone is putting those trick exploding pellets in your hopper!
  15. boogermeister

    the versatility of the 590

    They are quite versatile. When I made an apple pie(never made one before) on the 590, my wife said it was the best apple pie she ever had. Whether it was or not who knows, but she did eat the heck out of it. It may have been just a ploy to get out of making pies, and giving me another cooking...
  16. boogermeister

    What kind of ribs do you prefer?

    Which ever kind is on sale!
  17. boogermeister

    Slicing Knife?

    I bought a Mercer, it indeed cuts all meats, including fingers! Ask me how I know!
  18. boogermeister

    Need help to figure out cause of excessive dust or ash

    That amount of ash looks a bit more than normal. I doubt if it is your cooker. Maybe a bad batch of pellets? I just bought some Smoke Ring pellets, my dealer said they have less ash than most brands, but I have not tried them yet. Smoking some beef ribs this weekend I will find out.
  19. boogermeister

    Temp spike when opening lid?

    Always make sure you have enough pellets in the hopper for your cook. Opening the lid for your purposes will not harm your cook, just do not open the lid excessively. The short temperature swing you will have after your spritz,mop, etc. will not effect your meat. Just think, your brisket is...
  20. boogermeister

    Overheating 590

    Same here, mine was closed for about 20 min. W/steady temps before the increase.