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  1. Wslayer

    Smoke discoloration

  2. Wslayer

    Smoke discoloration
  3. Wslayer

    Smoking tube

    Try something like this so remains elevated, only need the front one. Big washers at bottom to keep from going through grates. Sorry, thought you were using pellets in tube also.
  4. Wslayer

    Smoking meat forums

    @Bytor , bet you didn't expect a techie lesson asking a simple question did ya ;)
  5. Wslayer

    Smoking tube

    What @ghuns said. Microwave your pellets before using. 1 min, allow to cool slightly then another min
  6. Wslayer

    Smoking meat forums

    I barely know how to run an Am -FM radio ,so no clue here. Someone posted a question and I responded to what I knew. Good enough . . .
  7. Wslayer

    Smoking meat forums

    Good evening, I just wanted to let everyone know that the website at and the forum at are both out of commission at this moment and for an undetermined amount of time. Apparently there was a fire/power outage where our servers are located and there is...
  8. Wslayer

    Smoking meat forums

    Email sent out by owner. Fire near where the server is and some water damage. Down for few days.
  9. Wslayer

    Little spring cleaning

    Did you make the exhaust yourself? Very nice. . . Backside pic available?
  10. Wslayer

    Giveaway: Field Cast Iron Skillet #8

    Toss me in the pool...
  11. Wslayer

    Will the Recteq Grill Pad stain my patio?

    Leave it outside in the lawn. Let the sun bake around on it for awhile.
  12. Wslayer

    Giveaway: Field Cast Iron Skillet #8

    It would fill in my set.
  13. Wslayer

    Hopper Management

    Take that grate out. Have never had pellets completely hang up. Will create a hole but will keep falling.
  14. Wslayer

    Finally Got My Front Folding Shelf Done...

    That'll work. . . Sorry, not a fan of the bull horns out.
  15. Wslayer

    I wish

    Good grief. . .:rolleyes:
  16. Wslayer

    RT-700 Controller died! Adam to the rescue!

    Yep they are good to work with.
  17. Wslayer

    590 or 700 - Especially for Ribs

    I have not done 6, so cannot confirm. I dont know that many people 😁 but have dual interior shelves if the need was there.
  18. Wslayer

    590 or 700 - Especially for Ribs

    700 is only 6" wider
  19. Wslayer

    My RecTeq causing family issues?

    Easy, teach her how to cook on it.
  20. Wslayer

    Drip tray/foil Question

    18" foil. Change every 3rd smoke and clean out ash