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  1. Hilbe

    RT Grill Mats

    Finally got these installed. Had to wait for the snow to melt. Seem quality to me.
  2. Hilbe

    Kinders Rub Ideas

    Got this at Costco. Looking for ideas or best uses.
  3. Hilbe

    New Controller = Higher Temps

    I just replaced a faulty controller giving err 2. Now I’m going beyond my previous high of 749! Pretty great to see it finally bust into higher temps.
  4. Hilbe

    Error 2

    My bullseye is currently under maintenance. Since it got cold I've been unable to get it over 160 degrees, even in riot mode. Eventually it throws an Err 2 because it can't reach temperature. I looked inside while it was "hot" and there was a flame so the igniter is working. I vacuumed it...
  5. Hilbe

    Frozen Grease Bucket Thaw

    Preparing for my Valentine’s Day cook. Grease bucket frozen. Fixed with some warm water and 5 minutes of beer drinking.
  6. Hilbe

    Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend $3.93 at Rural King

    In-store only. Cheapest I've ever seen bags. Not sure how long the deal goes for, got 10 myself for pickup...
  7. Hilbe

    Sealed Smoke Stack

    Finally sealed up my smoke stack with RTV. Hoping no more mess dripping outside.
  8. Hilbe

    Aura Cast Iron Grate

    I saw the posts on Facebook about the Aura grate and jumped in. Wow the photos don’t do this thing justice. This is solid! Will be putting some canola oil on tonight and maybe get some burgers going. Can’t wait to cook on it.
  9. Hilbe

    Probe Options

    What's everyone use for their probes? Just use the included ones or is there another brand/model that people use with the RT?
  10. Hilbe

    Smoke Stack Size BFG vs Bull

    I currently have a RT-700 and sell a smoke stack cover to keep the rodents out. Curious if any of you have the BFG and Bull and can confirm if the smoke stacks are the same size/part/design. Would really appreciate the info! Thanks!
  11. Hilbe

    Grease Drain Plug - Rodent Prevention

    Shout out to forum member Charles Shell. I think I sent him 15 to 25 prototypes of a grease drain port plug for his Stampede before we got one that fit. No more worries about mice/rats climbing into the barrel.
  12. Hilbe

    Front Shelf Hits Angled Legs

    Anyone else have their front shelf hit the angled legs when you collapse it down? Thinking about designing a stopper or contact point to prevent damaging the legs paint.
  13. Hilbe

    Bullseye Power Cable Management

    I've been working on something to hide the excess power cable on my Bullseye. Will be 2 parts that hook under the pellet hopper and in theory should be completely hidden. Just wrap your extra wire around it and you'll be set. Pretty excited to not have a nest of wires behind my grills and...
  14. Hilbe

    Light Blacked Out

    Anyone else had their light completely blacked out from cooks? I turned the switch on and got nothing the other day and realized it was no longer visible. How does everyone clean it?
  15. Hilbe

    Riot Mode Heat Deflector Cleaning

    Anyone using riot mode as the heat deflector cleaning method? It seems to burn up anything on there and turn it to ash. I hit it with the temperature gun last night at well over 850 degrees. Curious if anyone actually takes it out and cleans it somehow or if riot mode is the go-to.
  16. Hilbe

    Utensil Hooks

    Was getting annoyed having to use my nearby RT-700 for hanging up the tongues. Made these to solve the problem cheaply. I put 1 LB on them no issues. Think they'll hold more, but I don't have any utensils that heavy.
  17. Hilbe

    Pellet Hopper Kickstand

    Designed this kickstand for my bullseye since the lid flops shut all the time while loading pellets.