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    That’s HOT 🥵
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    Hello. I have a question about grill covers and pellets.

    🤬 NOT a FAN of PIT BOSS!! FWIW That was what I have been using. All my cooks on the RT-700 have been at night and even with the cool low resolution light I was not seeing all the ash build up.🤯 I just spent my morning vacuuming & cleaning. (Sorry no pictures - time I cooled down to think of...
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    Custom Cart for RecTeq RT-700 Bull grill

    Do you have a side picture? ** is there anything you would have done different now that you have completed your mission to build a BAD @$$ stand?
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    Costco Prime Top Sirloin Cap Off Steaks

    I try to get my meat from the local Albertson’s here in Idaho, The Picanha I did the other day as a Roast turned out so good and juicy. For me it’s the best cut of meat.
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    Custom Cart for RecTeq RT-700 Bull grill

    My, my, my look what you did. That turned out sharp. Thank you for sharing. 👍🏼
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    It’s a great cut of meat. Either way I’m sure it’s gonna turn out great. Can’t wait to see what you do.
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    Lots of balls.

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    Cutting Board

    I use this. 12x17. My friend makes them. But I cut on the back And it has juice grooves.
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    👍🏼 Welcome Bobby- I am only a month in with my RT-700 and the forum. (5yrs w/ a Traeger 1yr w/ a Camp Chef). But in the last month being apart of these forum & the RecTeq family, I have learn some much and have had so much fun. I’m a Texas boy living in Idaho letting my Smoke Roll💨
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    Smoker boxes and tubes

    @Buckeye smoker thank you. I like what you did with the hopper lid. Love American flag in the reflection. 🇺🇸
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    Smoker boxes and tubes

    Can you sure some pictures and what product you used- thank you
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    BBQ Gloves?

    Thank you-
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    Customer Service Experience

    💯% first class!
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    Look What I found

    Congratulations;)! Let the Smoke Roll💨
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    After Much Research Ordered RT-700

    You will not be disappointed with your RT 700.
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    Thermopen MK4 $69

    @sdynak said it and I will say it also. We have to stop bringing up all of these (100% needed) items. MK4 is on its way. After seeing the video comparing all the devices I was sold, NEXT up my GLOVES :giggle:
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    Auger stuck

    Not sure if this will answer you problem.
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    Auger stuck

    I would give RT a call and have them walk you through it. On my former smoker (T) had to replace auger motor. When I pulled it out I was able to pull the auger out.
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    Open Discussion: Soliciting Input on Sub-$20 Thermometer Meat "Pens" From Those w/Experience

    @Ostrichsak first of all thank you for the conversation. I will have to admit I’ve been following the threads all day long. Wavering back-and-forth which one to buy, and your last paragraph summed it up for me. Get the sub $20 pen and find the right wireless thermometer kits. Thank you 😊
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    Shoulder Clod

    Thanks for that. I’m still trying to find one here. It looks like it would be fun to cook. Plus all the great meals from it.