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  1. Beerlord

    Fat cap up or down and why?

    Subject line says it all. Go!
  2. Beerlord

    A good cleaning and then, sealing.

    Thanks to the wonderful ideas here, I've ordered and should receive today, the gasket tape mentioned a few times. I've only had my Bull about 2 months but it's very used and I'm ok with that but I thought I'd get it cleaned of grease so the tape goes on well. I have some spray SS polish as well...
  3. Beerlord

    Brisket injection

    How long is too long to let a brisket flat sit in the fridge after injecting it? I was going to smoke my flat right before bedtime be we're going to have a few hours of possible bad weather and I'd rather not trust things to chance so my plans are changing. I want to inject and prepare the flat...
  4. Beerlord

    10 lb Brisket flat

    Gonna do a flat for Christmas Eve and was thinking I'd put it on the Bull at about 11 pm Wednesday night at about 200-215 and let it go until about 7 am. Then wrap and move on from there. I plan on keeping it simple with only salt, pepper and garlic and inject with a little beef stock. Do you...
  5. Beerlord

    St. Louis pork ribs

    Gonna try my hand at St. Louis ribs tomorrow for my first rib smoke on my Bull. I think I've used it enough that its pretty well seasoned. Think I'll do the 3-2-1 method as that has always worked well on my old Traeger. Another first is I'm going to be trying some Kosmos rub and for the last...
  6. Beerlord

    I'm all in!

    Just ran home to meet the delivery truck for my Bull. Had to go back to work but tonite is assembly night (and a beer to help make it painless). Already got plans to put it thru it's paces this weekend. Just wanted to say that I've been reading this forum for months before I decided on which...
  7. Beerlord

    Special offers?

    First post as I'm a close to making a decision on which Rec Tec I want but I have noticed there are times when accessories are thrown in with a purchase (which I don't see right now) but is there usually a time of year when these offers are available?