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    ThermoWorks Beta App Available

    Just found out the other day that ThermoWorks has a beta for their new app. Even better, it’s available on Android and iOS. All you have to do is email [email protected] and ask to be a part of it, though I’m told you can just get the app on the Google Play Store. iOS users have to install...
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    Hot Pellet Grill Deals

    I got an email from them this morning, and today is the last day of the sale. Act fast!
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    Traveling with the Bull: Cover or no cover?

    Thanks all for the feedback. I contacted customer service about traveling with it on a trailer. I didn’t ask them about a cover, since most of the replies were about this being a bad idea. I did ask if I was nuts for doing this, and if I wasn’t, what their recommendations were. Avery with...
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    El Toro in a Week!

    I contacted them about this, and was told they would be emailing out a coupon code for folks who have bought a new grill once the items are back in stock. We can still get the 20% off with it.
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    Traveling with the Bull: Cover or no cover?

    While I do not disagree, this is not always possible. Then main place I’ll be taking it too is hunting property where the entire family goes for deer camp in the fall, and we have other family events there as well. I think there are one or two laws about hunting deer in city limits!
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    Traveling with the Bull: Cover or no cover?

    I’m planning on ordering the Bull this weekend. Most of the time, I will be using it in my driveway or backyard, and it will be stored primarily in the garage when I’m not making something delicious. However, I do plan on taking it to different family members houses for get togethers and...