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    New RT700 got to 400 and now won’t get to 225

    Those ribs look great!
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    Yeah, but.....

    I’ve had a few cooks that I couldn’t think of what I would do to improve it. Most cooks I’m thinking how it could have been better from the first bite. My wife laughs at me. Friends and family love what comes off the Rec Teq and I always like it but see ways I could improve most every cook.
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    New recTeq runs a little hot..

    If you go to the Bullseye forum and scroll down you’ll find a few threads about the Bullseye running hot and what folks have done about it.
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    Fire in hopper during burn in after shutdown

    I just had this happen twice in the last 3 or 4 cooks. I lower the temp before I turn it off but I was cooking at 450 and dropped it to 250. Next thing I know I have smoke billowing out of the hopper. I turned the temp back up to 325 to get the auger turning more and it worked it’s way out. Then...
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    New to the Bull - how do folks use the bottom shelf

    Check This thread out. There are others if you search on “toolbox”or ”under grill storage”.
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    Brisket cook w/ tallow injection

    Did the flat fall apart when you sliced it Or tried to pick up a slice?
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    Who uses Req Tec pellets?

    I think pellets are one place where the online only presence of Rec Teq hurts them. Shipping a few bags across the country isn’t an efficient means of distribution whereas a truckload to Lowe’s, Rural King or Tractor Supply allows them to sell at a more competitive price point. As I recall folks...
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    Another Is It Worth It Question

    These grills are quality products and the company stands behind them. As far as the app goes I use it on most cooks. I have never had trouble controlling and monitoring my grill from the app (increase/decrease temps, check probe readings), even on busy holiday weekends. I have had delayed...
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    I bet you did! Thanks for the recap.
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Looks delicious @Gary_M. great smoke ring, nice bark and looks juicy. Looks like it gets an “A” on the bend test. Any details on the cook or what you have been doing different to make it better? Always good to hear what people are doing to get good results.
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    Connecting Wi-Fi on 5G system

    I thought the 1250 was dual band. Would it not connect on the 5Ghz?
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    Considering a 1250 but have questions

    I use the app all the time. I just know when I have a cook going I need to check my temps every now and then. I just open the app, check the temps and I know how my cook is coming along. I don’t really utilize the notifications as I can judge how much longer I have based on what temp I saw last...
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    How to clean these stains?

    The products @JGW mentioned plus non-scratch scouring pads plus lots of elbow grease should do it. I wasn’t trying to be a smart a$$ but have found that regardless the product you choose it just takes a lot of scrubbing. If you don’t want the staining to come back you may want to consider...
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    How to clean these stains?

    👆👆👆 and lots of elbow grease.
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    How can you find the right place to probe after wrap?

    Did the flat fall apart when you sliced it? Did you probe the flat or the point? As far as the probe, you want to put the probe in the thickest part of the flat. Before I wrap I make a mental note of how thick it is. If it’s about 2” then I hold the probe about 1-1/2” from the end and insert it...