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    Drip tray/foil Question

    I went in a different direction for the drip pan. I bought a silicon oven liner on Amazon, cut to fit with scissor, just wipe off or throw in dishwasher. After 20 plus cooks as good as new. No foil or scrapping.
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    Baby Back Ribs - What am I doing wrong

    One of the most famous baby back ribs cooks is Johnny Triggs. On one of the cook shows he has a cook off competition with some of the best. It is on Discovery Channel. All of these people cook at 250 or 275. Milssa Cookson also a Grand Royal rib champ cooks at 250. 250 for 2 hours, 1 to 1&1/2...
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    What kind of ribs do you prefer?

    Which ribs do you and the family prefer? Babybacks or St Louis style spareribs.
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    New in FL

    Where in Fl? I have front shelf for 590 if you need one free
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    Keeping Drip Pan Clean

    I stopped using foil. I bought Home Time oven liner. A161/2” by 70” roll On Amazon for $12.95. Cut to fit pan. Works great, just wipes right off or put in dishwasher.
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    BBRibs on 590

    I sent a reply but it went to my post. LoL I would also depend on the finishing temp of 200-203 or the bend test
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    BBRibs on 590

    I am a newbie at this. I got my first smoker 10 years ago. And as you can see from my post ,I am still trying different techniques. Proteins are like snow flakes, no 2 are alike. I have found that BBRibs are a 4 to 5 max cook time at 225 to 250. Malissa Cookson a multi world champ at ribs has a...
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    BBRibs on 590

    I have done many baby backs on other smokers. These were great. I did try a little different technique this time also, because I was able to track time and temp better. 225 for 2 hours, then normal wrap with brown sugar, parkey margarine, honey, more rub, and apple juice. The rub I use is Rib...
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    Smoke vent gaskets

    Thanks for your input. Very much appreciated. I did put the red 650 temp sealant on my vents today.
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    Thank you! RT-590 modifications

    Nice job. Where did you find the power cord bracket?
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    New RT-590

    I did ask at time of order if it was available and they said yes. It is on the invoice they sent me. I let you know if it is on the truck
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    New RT-590

    Ordered a RT590 stampede on Saturday 9/5/2020. 5 days from order to front door. Even with a holiday on Monday they called today with a deliver for tomorrow In Orlando. Wow Smoker, vents, folding front shelf, and cover.
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    Smoke vent gaskets

    Has anyone tried to cut out gaskets from the silicone rubber pads they use for ovens and microwaves? They come in 12” round in black or gray. $13 for 2. Food safe and high temp.
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    Just ordered my 590.

    I had finally had enough of my PitBoss smoker temp going all over the place. Never could duplicate cook results.