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    Meat Prices = Non-Smoking Time

    Cheap or not $9.99/lb for a brisket at Costco is a non-starter for me. To those that say it doesn’t matter....good for you. But my income isn’t going to go up fast enough to make up for the big wet bite being taken out of my a$$ every time I turnaround.
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    Talking myself up from the RT-700 to the RT-2500*

    I bought the 700 last May & as soon as I get moved into the new house this summer I’m ordering the BFG. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you get it!
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    Is this what I did wrong? Brisket

    I think your issues have everything to do with the brisket not being completely thawed. Everything else you did looks spot on to me.
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    Beef Packer Brisket recipe

    Question on the Celery Seed. I’m curious to add that to my brisket rub...which I typically have only used salt, pepper, & garlic powder in the past. Does the celery seed add a flavor profile, texture, or both? Do you use it specifically to beef, or other meats as well? Appreciate the info!!
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    The great ReqTec cover question

    Got an aftermarket cover for my 700 off of Amazon & never been happier. Loved the look of the factory covet but IMO it was a complete pain in the ass
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    Testing brisket

    Couple thoughts... Did you calibrate your temp probes to be sure they were accurate? I know mine were aporox. 10 degrees off on mine which could spell disaster on a brisket. I typically do my first temp/probe check about 195 & then keep checking regularly from there. I usually pull the brisket...
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    Alerts/Notifications not working iOS 14.2

    Same. No alerts
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    Pork Butt Dilemma

    I literally laughed out loud on the “wondering why we’re eating at 11:00 at night” comment. I certainly have been there before...many times. Good stuff.
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    Just bought a lid wrap.

    Damn! That looks really good. Appreciate you sharing the pic.
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    Just bought a lid wrap.

    We definitely need pics when your done!!
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    17 lb packer trimmed on the go...

    I would have to agree on the smoke ring. Doesn’t make sense, based on your temp and time in the smoke before wrapping.
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    I Fell victim to the "Classic" blunder

    I won’t be much use on the butcher paper as I haven’t used it before. Although I’m going to give it a go this weekend to experiment with it. I haven’t gone six hours in a cooler, but I have gone four for sure and the brisket was still really good...But that was wrapped in foil. I wonder if the...
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    I Fell victim to the "Classic" blunder

    Was it wrapped in foil as well?
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    Rib contest today.

    So which one was the favorite?
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    To wrap or not to wrap? That’s the question

    Great stuff!! Appreciate all the feedback and ideas. Ordered some butcher paper and going to experiment with that this next weekend. But man do I love the drippings too...and not sure how that’s gonna work with the paper. Nothing ventured nothing gained I suppose.