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    Skinless Chicken Breast

    Against grilling, but best way we've found is pound it with tenderizing hammer until it's twice it's size, dip in whipped milk and egg, then roll in italian bread crumbs and fry in a skillet with canola oil. Moist and tender.
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    I've been using Pit Boss for over a yr and have had good luck. I buy them locally from a Bomgaars store tho I understand Walmart carries them.
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    Dog chewed up wiring

    The dog already stripped most of them for your butt connectors. When you get it fixed tape a mouse trap to the harness. That might break that bad habit.
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    Cable Cuff Pro for extension cord

    You'll love those coiled air hoses in cold weather.
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @sydnak
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    Wifi keeps disconnecting

    Make sure "location" in the phone is turned on. I had to call RT to get that figured out.
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    Smoke going the wrong way

    Maybe a stack inspection is in order or you got small auger fires going.
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    My RT-700 Zaps Me

    Our son had the same problem when he got his 700. Contacted RT and they sent him a replacement grill. Same thing with the replacement and he found it needed a complete grounded circuit and the problem went away. I'm thinking that's what the OP is having.
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    RT-680 Auger motor making loud screeching noises

    Vac all the pellets out and run the auger tube empty by running the auger by itself to see if the noise goes away. Makes me wonder if there's a piece of metal hung up on an auger flight.
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    My RT700

    I've been using pit boss competition blend pellets for over a yr and have had no problems other than I have had a couple of auger fires but just let it keep running to get the burning pellets out of the tube. Instead of 500* I set it to 450* and haven't had anymore auger fires.
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    My RT700

    With forced draft how can it get too much air?? I'm not buying that either. I agree with the flameout because with temp drop the feed was trying to catch up and got a big pile of pellets in the firebox before they finally ignited.
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    Clearing out auger tube

    I'm sure the dust, like the pellets, will burn. I'll probably step on some toes but I think some try to make grilling into rocket science, LOL!!
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    Clearing out auger tube

    I never worry about dust in the auger tube. I just run the pellets down until the auger isn't quite uncovered, push the dust off the slopes into the vertical portion and refill. It's also the time I change out the drip pan foil, vac all the ash out of the firebox and scrub the bottom side of the...
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    Don’t use these pellets

    Pit boss work great for me so I'll stick with them.
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    I’m guessing an issue with computer/rtd

    It sounds like a pellet feeding problem ie: pellets bridging over the auger causing a lean condition and then when temp drops the controller moves more pellets to compensate.