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    No notifications again!!

    Ditto. No grill temp notifications or probe alarms for my pork loins. 😡
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    How do you store your Pellets ?

    My wife made the magnets from magnet rolls obtained at Office Depot and she used her Brother label maker to create the text. Quick and dirty but they look great and work. I had her create magnets for every flavor of pellet that I would ever use.
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    Has Anyone Owned Traeger?

    I owned and recently gifted my 5 year old Traeger BBQ 07E "Elite" to one of my kids. Ordered and received a Bull RT-700 in September. After many cooks on the Traeger and gaining extensive experience, I had it down for the most part. Constantly changing the P-Settings based on ambient...
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    How do you store your Pellets ?

    I purchased it from PelletCan out of Portland, Or. It is designed for just that, pellet storage. Well built. Some say too pricey, but it really fit my needs.
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    How do you store your Pellets ?

    I store 100 lbs of various pellets this way. My wife made up some magnets that I store inside the bins and when I fill the hopper with a solo batch or mixed batch, I put the magnet(s) inside the RT hopper. Looks nice sitting next to the Bull RT-700.
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    Smoke Box Thermometer Issues

    Please look it over carefully, it may not be just the probes. I ordered a smokebox in mid-September when they were back in stock. Received it on September 29th. And here is what I experienced. Not only were the grates thrashing around the inside and damaged the probes, but they slammed so...