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    Question before I sell my 590 and get a stick burner

    The Rec Teq temps are not nearly as exact as their advertising claims. I started using a Fireboard for cooks due to app failures and the temp swings are way more than what the RT temp reporting is. Since Fireboard is close to the gold standard in temp reporting I am far more willing to trust its...
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    Grease Fire in My Bull! What did I do wrong

    Don't discount the oil in the Italian dressing flaming up.
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    Smoke Daddy The “Heavy D” Stick Burning Heat Diffuser

    Well I tried it without fire bricks and one stick did not burn completely. About a 1/4 of it left over. Other side burned completely. Next cook will see what the adding the bricks does. Was disappointed in the flavor profile. Didn't seem to be all that much change from cooking without it.
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    Smoke Daddy The “Heavy D” Stick Burning Heat Diffuser

    I'm following Snooks lead and putting the fire bricks in RT700. The diffuser is way too close to the fire pot without them.
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    Which one should I buy?

    I had a 590 and was happy with it. Only reason I have the RT700 was because I could upgrade for $300. If the WIFI is important, be advised the RT app sucks at notifications especially on holiday weekends when the server traffic is high. There are work arounds available, but most owners don't...
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    Rural King

    It appears the Rural King stores are no longer selling Lumberjack pellets near me (Middle Tennessee). They are selling "Rural King BBQ Pellets". Anyone tried these pellets or know who is manufacturing them?
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    Beef Neck Roast

    Well I won't do that again. Put it on at 05:00. Wrapped it in butcher paper at 157. It fell back to 151 and never got hotter than 161. After 13.5 hours I pulled it. Tough as nails and all dried out. Now I know why there is very little data online about this cut.
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    Beef Neck Roast

    Never knew the cut existed until I was gifted one. Plan to cook low and slow like a brisket. Any alternate suggestions would be appreciated.
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    App notifications.

    FireBoard = problem solved.
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    RecTeq mistake (big one)

    Indeed it is because "He who has the gold, makes the rules".
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    How long is the power cord?

    Another option to consider.
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    Is there anywhere on req rec site to post reviews?

    Link to Google reviews attached...
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    Installed Power Cord - Come on, really!!

    I use one of these for the Fireboard charger.
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    Installed Power Cord - Come on, really!!

    Grill and app work well. Besides when plugged in, most of the cord is vacant from the reel.
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    Installed Power Cord - Come on, really!!

    Try this. Cord problem no more.