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    How to fix the warping deflector

    No its seemed just like the original. The original one twisted/warped about 7/8ths an inch and lifted the drip pan. The replacement is warped about 1/2 inch so far after a dozen cooks or so. Now with the modified one I will see what happens
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    How to fix the warping deflector

    I got a new one exchanged for warranty and its has a slight warpage now, but not as bad. So I took my original one and found some SS tubing around work and brought it to my buddies shop. It is fixed now!!!!
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    Shelf for Rec Tec Trailblazer

    It seems thick enough for me since a big pan or plate is sitting on it while I'm cooking, as for the corners I used a cutting wheel on my angle grinder to round the corners, cut to size and smooth all of the edges.
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    Shelf for Rec Tec Trailblazer

    Yea, it seems OK, you could go thicker. But I felt that since whatever I'm cooking will be in some sort of a pan it wouldn't make a difference.
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    flame deflector

    On my TB340, it was warped about 1 inch. I did not contact RecTeq until it warped too much and lifted the drain pan. They replaced it under warranty. The new one has a little warping also but not as bad, So I will keep an eye on it.
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    Electrical load - for UPS sizing

    How long and at what temperature did you run the bull on? Im looking at doing this also
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    Beer can Chicken on RT-340?

    I have the 340 also, I've done both but I prefer the spatched over BC chicken now.
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    Dent 340

    Wow, Thats a big dent, see if you could find a neighbor kid to help you pack it for 20 bucks. I would send it back
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    Temperature Probes

    I have not found any, But for Fathers day my daughter got me an inkbird so I've been using that
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    small/large interior shelf

    I have the small shelf for my TB340, works great and doubles the cooking surface while doing ribs, Beef Jerky, Chicken.
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    Jerky using hamburger?

    I used the recipe from They turned out well I used a dough roller on parchment to get about 1/4 thick , cut it into slices and placed it on the cooking mats. I will make it again.
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    Do vent extensions work in rain?

    On my 340 they seem to work good, I also added heat proof insulated tape around it.
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    Can I use my tablet?

    I tried on my android tablet 2 months ago and when I download it I got a message that said its not compatible. Have not tried it since
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    GIVEAWAY: ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4

    My 1st Brisket from Crowd Cow on my TB 340. It was awesome. Mmmmm
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    Shelf for Rec Tec Trailblazer

    I bought SS bolts and nuts from Home Depot to attach the brackets